The Mercia Guides Experience

With Mercia Guides, a member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding will accompany you on a personalised tour of the area you choose to visit.  As part of the pre-Tour planning you will have an opportunity to discuss your specific aims and objectives, for example are there specific places or sites you wish to visit and what time and length do you want for the tour.

During the tour there will be commentary, fact sharing and the opportunity to ask questions. Tours can be as bespoke as you wish and if, for example, you would like to include refreshment or meal breaks that can be included in the plan.

Why a Guided Tour?

An experienced guide will improve your enjoyment and ensure you don’t miss the details of your visit. “Blue Badge Tourist Guides make a good experience great. 
Entertaining, reliable and professional, a Blue Badge Guide's knowledge and expertise will bring your visit to life.”

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